Episode 57: Lager Than Life

Hello and welcome to the 57th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on June 24th, 2015. In this Mike, Jesse, myself and special guest Emily gathered on Jesse's sizable back deck to enjoy what has been alleged to be one of the best beers in the world!

Friend of the show Nate Charles was recently visiting Russian River for reasons far more noble than just beer and he managed to sneak a few bottles of Pliny the Elder back in his luggage. He offered us the opportunity to have a bottle to review which we jumped on. So Nate gets a huge tip of the pint glass and our thanks.

But there is more to the show than just this one beer. We had some awesome news about man-boobs (and Jesse apparently is not hip with the hooters lingo) as well as some more beers from all over before settling down with a lager v lager battle.

Despite that we decided to ask ourselves to look into our crystal balls and decide... which will be the next band to get their own beer and what would it be.

Show Notes

Beer News

White Whale Hunting: America's Best Beer

Call me Ishmael. Or call me Ahab. I think there is certainly a high level of irony that the moment I declare that I am done hunting the great craft beer “white whales” is the moment they start showing up at our doorsteps. Are craft beer like high school girls where the moment you decided you will no longer fawn over their every word, their every action, their every thought THAT’S when they decide to want to date you?

The timing here is perfect as American Homebrewer’s Association journal Zymurgy, has once again named Russian River’s Pliny the Elder as best beer in America. Why is this coincidental? Well because we happen to have a bottle of it here to taste. This 8% ABV Double IPA by Russian River brewing company has a reputation as being one of the best in the world. The question is will to stand up to the expectation. Let’s find out!!!

Beers from Around the World

We could just taste the Pliny the Elder without getting the chance to stack up some other beers from our travels. While we weren't pitting these beers in combat against Pliny but man cannot live on Pliny alone, despite how much he might. So we tried a few other beers.

Beer vs Beer: Lager Edition

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