Episode 56: Sub-Zero

Hello and welcome to the 56th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on June 10th, 2014. In this episode Mike, Jesse, and I gathered on Jesse's sizable back deck with some ice cold beer and ice cold cream in an desperate attempt to beat the heat. Can a icy dessert treat overwhelm the heat? Listen to find out!

As the temperatures reach into the upper 80s and lower 90s we discuss anything that'll keep our mind off the beer.

We talk about how Snoop Dogg/Lion is upset he isn't getting paid for a sweet promotional deal.

We discuss how New Hampshire nearly passed a law that would have allowed infants to legally down a pint or three.

We discuss how BewDogs is considering opening a location in Cleveland, Ohio to bring their non-American American-style beers to the USA.

But before we got into all of that we distracted ourselves with the hypothetical opening question of: if you were to float in a beer this summer, which would it be?

Show Notes

Beer News

Joy of Beer Cooking

There is a slowly growing trend of breweries that are releasing ice-cream either inspired by or downright made with their beer. Brewers such as Yuengling and Victory are two regional places that boast their own desserts. In just a moment we are going to try the one variety this week Mike decided that he was going to instruct us on how to make our own ice cream with beer. And experiment that seems easier done than one might imagine.

source: Americas Test Kitchen

Beer vs Beer: Beer Float Edition

This week we wanted to pair two beers

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