Episode 54: One Night Only

Hello and welcome to the 54th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on May 14, 2015. In this episode Mike, Jesse, and myself gathered in our studio to celebrate the end of 24 long months of bringing you the best in craft beer news, reviews, and all things brews. That's right baby, we just turned two years old. Time to turn into the little annoying sociopaths that two year old kids always seem to be. :-D

We went back to our roots in celebration of the two breweries that started this all. While our first beer vs beer was Stone IPA versus Yard's IPA we wanted to do something similar but different. We embraced the breweries but changed the style.

We also tasted a lot of OTHER beers for those looking to find something new, good, and somewhat local. So give it a listen.

Given that this episode marks our anniversary, our SECOND anniversary, our cotton anniversary in fact we wanted to start the episode off with a question that fit our theme. It is honor of our second anniversary that this week’s question is: If you could celebrate an anniversary with a beer, what and with which beer?

Show Notes

Beer News

Beer From Around the World

Last night Mike, Jesse, and I all traveled to local purveyor of great beer, great food, and marginally adequate dubstep, Hunger N Thirst. While this is a great place to grab a beer and a meal it is just far enough away to make walking over there annoying. But last night we made the trek because they were celebrating the Lost Abbey brewery with a tap takeover. While samples and flights were not to be found we shared amongst ourselves the various beers they had on tap. As Lost Abbey is a remarkable brewery and there were some remarkable beers we thought we’d share our thoughts on what we had and our impressions. So, let’s talk beer.

  • Serpentine Stout - Stout
  • Red Barn Ale - Saison/Farmhouse
  • Red Poppy - Flanders Red Ale
  • Judgment Day - Belgian Quad
  • Avante Garde - Bière de Garde

Beer vs Beer: Back to Our Roots

Mike's Choice: Stone Pale Ale

Rob's Choice: Yards Brewing Company Philadelphia Pale Ale

Listen to the Episode Here