Episode 53: Harrisburg Craft Beer Week

Hello and welcome to the 53rd episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on April 29th, 2015. In this episode Mike, Jesse, and I gathered in our studio to celebrate, with the rest of central Pennsylvania, Harrisburg Craft Beer Week. A full week of celebrating the delicious beer that the heart and soul of Pennsylvania has to offer.

We also talk about an online open letter to the Beer Wench as whether she is a force for good for women in beer. We talk about the new slogan from Bug Lite and how horrifically terrible the idea "Up For Whatever* is as a campaign for a beer company. And we take a deeper taste of the Gose Beer Style with a few new offerings on the market.

But before we get to all that we should discuss the opening question of the week: "If you were going to make a beer for Harrisburg craft beer week what would it be and why?”

Show Notes

Beer News

Beers From Around the World

While celebrating beers from central Pennsylvania is great there is a great big world of craft beer out there. Mike and I discovered a few new beer in the Gose style and we wanted to present Jesse with the option to try them and offer his thoughts. Would he enjoy the sour, saltiness of a gose or decide instead that salty water does not make for a delicious beer.

But we couldn't taste beers without something from Harrisburg. Thankfully we got our hands on something special. The collaboration 717 between Pizza Boy Brewing Company, Tröeg's Brewing Company, and Appalachian Brewing Company. How did it taste? Well it was largely indescribable. But we gave it our best shot.


Beer vs Beer: Harrisburg Craft Beer Week Edition

Mike's Choice: Free Will's Peach Lambic

Rob's Choice: Tröegs Brewing Company's Pale Ale

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