Episode 52: A Wing a Day Keeps the Doctor in Luxury

Hello and welcome to the 52nd episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on April 15th, 2015. In this episode Mike and I indulged in another of Jesse's demands for a beer and food pairing and accidentally stumbled upon perhaps the greatest pairing since peanut butter and chocolate. We experimented with pairing fine craft beer with high quality buffalo wings from within Lancaster city. And the results may surprise you as much as they surprised us.

But before we end up feeding Jesse for another week with food we first have to attend to this week's opening question which is: "If you were going to buffalo something other than wings to pair with a beer, what would it be, why, and with what beer?"

Show Notes

Beer News

Say What?

Mike discovered a hilarious website that crafts random yet perfectly pretentious craft beer descriptions. We thought we might sample some beers and see what ViciousTasting.com had to say about them.

Oceanside air and noticeable alcohol wade amongst ambrosial pound cake, meanwhile hazelnut sheafs and suggestive duck sauce swim amongst burnt French silk pie crust. Kumquat pipe tobacco and remnants of dank barrel float into the snout. It's just like a trip to the garden.


Beer vs Beer: Buffalo and Beer Edition

Mike's Choice: Guinness Irish Stout with Guinness BBQ Wings from Brendee's Pub

Rob's Choice: Grapefruit Sculpin paired with Spicy BBQ Wings from Rumplebrewskins.

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