Episode 50: Kiss My Shamrocks

Hello and welcome to the 50th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on March 18th, 2015.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and I reunited after Mike returned home from parts unknown to celebrate with several beers from all over the world.  While Mike spent time drinking the smooth and malty lagers of eastern europe while desperately craving a danky, bitter IPA, Jesse and I indulged in celebrating the Irish in the only way we Americans know how; by getting hammered.  So kiss us because this episode we are all Irish.

We celebrate the coming of 12-packs to distributors meaning you can have a greater choice at Lancaster distributors.  We discuss how powdered alcohol crosses a major hurdle toward getting approval for sale and what that means.

And Mike tells us all about how Budweiser is sooooo apologetic for their Super Bowl advertisement that they are doubling-down on further insulting craft beer.

But before we get there we have to have our opening question of the week: “If you were to get drunk with a real life Leprechaun in order to steal his gold what beer would you use and why?”

Show Notes

Beer News

  • Lancaster County Beer Distributors Will Sell 12 Packs!
  • Fly Magazine Giving Away 2 Tickets to Susquehanna Ale Trail
  • Oregon Brewery Ninkasi Brews Beer with Space Yeast
  • Powered Alcohol gets TTB Approval
  • Budweiser doubles down on its craft beer slamming message that it Makes good Beer

Beers From Around the World

Rob and I have been traveling these past few weeks and have brought back souvenirs of the liquid variety. While I traveled across the atlantic to the beautiful Mediterranean countries of Slovenia and Croatia, Rob went to an even more exotic tropical landscape, California. Rob may have been to what some may see as the Mecca state of craft beer, whereas I was in a bit of beer desert, if you could consider the Sahara a bit of a sandbox. European lagers of varying qualities abounded but low and behold I was able to find a specialty craft beer store on my last full day of travel and (literally) grabbed what I was able to get my hands on. The result, an actual Balkan IPA. The employee saw me going after IPAs and more than suggested a particular brew, she grabbed it off the shelf and before I could protest scanned it and added it to my collection. It is with that I have very high hopes for this beer. Most of my trip was filled placating myself with each country’s national beer. Most were palatable, some less than mediocre, and one can even be said to perhaps be my newest worst beer ever. Congratulations to Tuborg, a beer so awful I couldn’t even finish one, and I was stuck in a god damn coach airline seat for ten hours. The name sounds Swedish but it is in fact a product of Denmark, and for that they should know better.

Beer vs Beer

Mike’s Choice: Coniston Brewing Companies’ Bluebird Bitter

Rob’s Choice: Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout