Episode 5: Pecan Shandies

8713550-very-high-resolution-rendering-of-a-classic-microphone-and-headphonesThis is the fifth episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast, recorded on June 11th, 2013.  In this episode Mike and I explore the dynamic new summer beverage; the summer Shandy.  Mike and I show off our Shandy expertise by mixing delicious fruit juices and non-conventional beers to create the best Shandy.  Jesse tries this new fad and judges which concoction is superior and whether he is a converted acolyte to the house that Shandy built.

Keeping with the Shandy theme Mike and I discuss whether the Shandy is a legitimate craft brew style or just some marketing hype to get non-cultured beer drinkers to substitute fine craft beer with a cheaper, sweeter alternative in point/counterpoint.

Mike talks about the best “homebrew homework” to get you started with your first batch of your own brew!

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Show Notes:

Beer News:

  • Annual Hops and Clocks Craft Beer Festival
  • Harrisburg’s Annual Brewers Festival
  • Southern Oregon Craft Brew Festival
  • Study Finds Smart People Drink More
  • Founder’s Expansion Nearly Complete

Beers From Around the World:

We discuss a bunch of home-brew options from our friend Aaron after attending the fantastic annual porcine festival he hosts in North-Central Pennsylvania.

Point / Counterpoint:

Is the Shandy a way to kill America’s burgeoning craft beer industry?

Beer versus Beer:

Rob’s Choice: Ommegang’s Witte w/ Lemonade

Mike’s Choice: Long Trail Double IPA w/ Blood Orange San Pellegrino.

Homebrew 101:

I want to start home brewing, but am intimidated by both the startup cost as well as the procedure, is there any sort of “home brew homework” I can do to help prepare?

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