Episode 45: Year End Wrap Up

Hello and welcome to the 45th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on December 29th, 2014.  This week Mike, Jesse, and myself gathered in our studio to celebrate the end of 2014 and rejoice at the beginning of 2015.  While 2014 was a year beset with social strife, political turmoil, and an overabundance of pain and suffering the world over, for the world of craft beer, 2014 was a year of almost completely good news.  The state of the craft beer industry is strong and seemingly unstoppable giant growing toward being equal to the titans of mass market breweries.

But that’s far too broad a topic to cover on a single episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast so this episode Mike, Jesse, and myself mourn the few craft beer related trials and tribulations (another year without XII) and extoll our craft beer related victories (Hill Farmstead, New Glarus, and Heady Topper).  It is the spirit of the end of the year that this week’s opening question is: If you were going to pop a bottle of beer at midnight on New Year’s Eve, what would it be and why?

Show Notes:

Beer News

  • Zuckfoltzfus closes
  • ABC receives loan to expand craft soda line
  • Brews Travelers Survive Year Long Craft Beer Road Trip
  • Bell’s Brewery Issues Recall of Some Mercury Bottles
  • Founder’s Blushing Monk Returns After Four Year Hiatus

Point / Counterpoint: PA Beer Delivery Permits

So a week or so ago, we were surprised to hear the announcement that the typically uptight PLCB is allowing for beer to be delivered to your front door. Yes, for a commodity that horror upon horrors, cannot be sold in convenience stores or a vast majority of grocery stores, you can have up to two six packs delivered to your welcome mat. Want some Sweet Baby Jesus to go with your Meatlovers, that can soon be a very real possibility. But for right now a pizza place or grocery store can’t just load up a van with beer and drive to your home. It must first apply for and receive a special license called a “transporter for hire” license that costs $1000. The person ordering the beer must also provide credit card information over the phone and establish legal age verification upon delivery.

Beer vs Beer

Mike’s Choice: Celebration by Sierra Nevada

Rob’s Choice: Deschutes Not The Stoic

End of Year Review

While technically our seasons end toward the end of spring and the beginning of summer the team would be remiss if we didn’t pause to look at another year of drinking craft beer.  What were our favorite beers?  What were our least favorite beers?  What were our favorite and least favorite drinking experiences?  What were the big trend of 2014 when it came to craft beer?  What are we expecting for 2015?  Stop and give a listen to see if your thoughts align with ours.