Episode 43: Warmed and Dangerous

This is the 42 episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on the 1st of December 2014.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and myself huddled in the studio for warmth.  While technically it was unseasonably warm on the day of recording it was a welcome (and necessary) respite sandwiched between two unseasonably cold snaps.  Thankfully we had a few winter beers to warm our bellies and our cheeks.

We spend a little time talking about the fact that a large percentage of Americans classify as ’heavy’ drinkers but of them a small percentage as dependent on the alcohol they consume.  Good news for those advocating that alcohol is an overall harmless vice to be enjoyed by responsible adults.

We discuss how craft beer nerds are getting into the holiday spirit by lining up for rare beer on Black Friday this year.  Further pushing craft beer enthusiasm into a socially unacceptable stigma.

Rejoicing in the reason for the season we honored the coming Christmas holiday with the opening question of: If you were to decorate a tree with something beer related, what would it be and why?

Show Notes:

Beer News

Black Forest Brewing Company Sets Opening Date

New Report finds Heavy Drinkers rarely alcoholics

People wait in line for rare beer on Black Friday

Blind Tiger Holiday Gift Giving List for Beer Lovers

We love beer, we love gifts, and as the craft beer scene continues to grow and mature, the wealth of beer paraphernalia available to purchase and complement your favorite brews is in an abundance of cornucopia proportions. We broke up our little list into three categories; the beer enthusiast, the beer industrialist, and the beer Scrooge.

Beer Enthusiast

Beer Industrialist

  • 3D Printed Beer Lock: 3dprint.com
  • Handmade Beer Coozies
  • Gift Card to local Homebrew Store

Beer Scrooges

Slummin’ It – Candy Coated Edition – Take 2

Last time we did a “slummin it” with candy, I had found some mysterious green apple colored jawbreakers flavored with hop oil in a shop in New Jersey. The bag they were contained in had no price, was the only one of its kind on the shelf, and was sold to me by a shop owner with many piercings. Had it not been a hipster store selling ‘man’ items such as shaving kits, $80 cat t-shirts, and the shop owner been a very sweet college-aged woman, I may have been more wary. Now I present to you the second round of beer flavored candy. We’ve reported on it, and now we have some, it is the beer flavored jelly belly jelly beans. I have already been my own guinea pig and tried some. But rather than spoil it for you, I will have Rob and Jesse take the plunge. Will these work in a pinch if you find yourself at a teetotalling function and just dying for a beer? Let us find out.

Beer vs Beer: Winter Beers

Mike’s Choice:Elysian Bifrost Winter Ale

Rob’s Choice:Delirium Noel