Episode 42: The Meaning of Life

IMG_0717This is the 42 episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on November 6th 2014.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and myself gathered in our studio to celebrate our roots with a special guest.  We go back to the beginning of our drinking history when we were all overwhelmed by the daunting task of having to select a single beer to enjoy from the deluge of possibly choices.  We also talk a little local news with changes to Zuckfoltzfus.  We chat about the winter heavy hitters from Tröegs.  And we talk about quite the scandal where angry patrons of Seahawks games discovered that their already watered down Budweiser was less alcoholic than it was advertised.

The we take our special guest Tamara Black, opera singer and beer novice, on a joyous journey through the shallow waters of craft beer.  Mike, Jesse, and I attempt to dispel the assumption that all beer is potent, bitter, and unpalatable to a novice.  It is by far my favorite segment we’ve done to date.

But before we get into all that we must start with the opening question of the week.  Inspired by having a professional opera singer in our midst this week’s question was: If you could make an opera around beer, what would the plot be?

Show Notes:

Beer News

Zuckfoltzfus Announces Menu Changes

Mad Elf and Impending Descent Now Available

Dogfish Head Brewing Beer with Scrapple

Seahawks Stadium accused of watering down beer

Craft Beer 101: Dipping a Toe in the Ocean

Tamara Black is our special guest.  She is a professional opera singer.  To the surprise of no one the opera world is populated by more people who are fans of wine or other fancy spirits and not craft beer lovers.  Tamara’s opinion of beer was at least one of complete ignorance rather than previous negative bias.  She was graciously willing sacrifice her taste buds for our experimentations.  As we introduced her to what we felt were good starting beers for those looking to wade in the world of craft beer without diving in head first.

The Beers

  • Tröeg’s Dreamweaver Wheat
  • Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn Lager
  • Stoudts American Pale Ale
  • Saison Dupont
  • Ithaca Flower Power
  • Founder’s Breakfast Stout
  • Lineman’s Framboise Lambic

Beer Lingo

  • Beer Snob
  • Hop Head
  • Drain Pour
  • Growler
  • Basement Flavors
  • Clarked Out
  • DONG
  • Storm Kinged
  • Randalized
  • Short Measure

Beer vs Beer: Introductory Edition

Rob’s Choice:Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Mike’s Choice:Delirium Tremens

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