Episode 40: This is Halloween

halloween-2000_640This is the 40th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on October 20th, 2014.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and I gathered in our very haunted studio to record a séance with the spirits of beers long drank.  We conspired to get together at the studio, built atop an ancient indian burial ground to discuss the very creepy, the very kooky, and the altogether spooky.  That’s right!  It is our Halloween episode.  Release on Halloween even!

While the seemingly ever-increasing price of brew ingredients and thus craft beer prices is terrifying beer itself is a thing of comfort not horror.  (Save of course the horrifically terrible Bud Light.)  Still we managed to get in a few scary stories that involved America’s favorite libation.

We discussed that arrival of a new brewery opening in Elizabethtown that will not only be crafting some unique brews but also offering a host of fine foods.  We get into the holiday spirit by warning listeners of Hunger-N-Thirt’s post-Christmas beer fest.  Mike informs us of the hilarious and hopefully quite friendly throw down between David Chang and Garrett Oliver over the merits of “shitty” beer.  And we discuss after a lot of indecision and flirtation that Stone Brewing company has settled on the location of the east coast brewery/beer megaplex.

In honor of it being Halloween our opening question this week is: If you could share a beer with any classic horror villain, who would it be and why?

Show Notes:

Beer News:

Moo-Duck Set to Open Its Doors

Hunger-N-Thirst Gives You a Christmas Gift

David Chang Hates Good Beer

Stone Brewing Settling in Richmond Virginia

Get Your Beer Out of My Politics

This upcoming months election will be to decide the Governor’s race in Pennsylvania. Incumbent Tom Corbett, a republican, will take on Democratic challenger Tom Wolf. One Tom will win, but what about the average beer drinker. Here is how the two break down on alcohol sales.

Beer vs Beer

Mike’s Choice:Spring House’s Curses IPA (w/ Amarillo Hops)

Rob’s Choice:Full Pint’s Night of the Living Stout

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