Episode 37: A Touch of Fall

IMG_0272This is the 37th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on September 23rd, 2014. This episode experienced some technical difficulties as Dr. Professor Jesse Clark Esq CPA DDS was unavailable for recording. Without his amazing audio skills Mike and I were left to fend for ourselves. In doing so I was unable to actually understand how recording works and thus we lost the recording. This was our second take, written (in part), recorded (in part), and edited by your truly. So forgive the rough edges.

Mike, “Jesse”, and myself assembled in our studio away from home to celebrate the onset of autumn and herald what should be the beginning of pumpkin season.  We settle in for a lengthy discussion of the good and the bad of the pumpkin beer scene while drinking a few ourselves.

We get into a wonderfully pedantic discussion on the “best” way to enjoy a beer.  Is it by can, by bottle, by glass, what kind of glass, what temperature should the beer be, what day of the week should it be, what type of clothing should you wear?  We answer all those questions and more (not really) in a Point / Counterpoint segment.  Consider yourself education.

But before we get to all that Mike wanted to honor the fall festival season with this week’s opening question.  Which was: If you were to make a beer inspired by jam or cake, what would you make?

Show Notes:

Beer News:

  • Lititz Craft Beer Fest 2014
  • Tröeg’s Releases JOVIAL
  • The Pumpkin Beers are Coming!
  • HuffPo Has Infographic On Why Craft Beer is so Expensive
  • Brewbot Aims to Bring Any Beer Straight to your Refrigerator

Point / Counterpoint:

We were recently approached to answer a few questions from a beer novice in preparation for the Lancaster Craft Beerfest and the subsequent article they were writing for the local paper.  The questions were typical of a beer novice in that they seemed simple to answer but were in fact vague enough to inspire tome like answers.  One of the most important questions from the questionnaire is the subject of this episodes Point / Counterpoint.

The question was “what’s the best way to enjoy a craft beer?”  This answer seems to imply a simple answer.  “Pour the damn beer in a glass and drink,” would seem like a reasonable and valid answer.  Yet the debate for the best way to enjoy a beer is not a simple, solved answer.  Breweries such as The Alchemist, makers of Heady Topper, argue that the only way one can truly appreciate their beer is if it is drank directly from the can.  Other breweries like Lagunitas have stated quite publicly that it will be a cold day in hell before they ever decide to can.  And ignoring how the beer gets from brewery to table doesn’t help the issue either as glassware comes into consideration.  Should that Imperial Pilsner be enjoyed in a Stange or a Nonic pint glass?  Does Sam Adams new scientifically enhanced glass really make a difference?  That’s what we are here to discuss in this week’s Point / Counterpoint.

Glassware Article

Beer vs Beer:

Mike’s Choice: Southern Tier’s Warlock

Rob’s Choice: Elysian’s Hansel & Gretel

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