Episode 36: The Beer Drinker's League

fetish-mainThis is the 36th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast recorded on September 3rd, 2014.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and myself gathered into our balmy studio to celebrate the start of football season.  While sports and beer often go hand in hand there is something magical about the combination of watching the pinnacle of human physical achievement while drowning out your feelings of inadequacy with delicious craft beer.  We celebrate the draft with creating our own league of delicious beers to drink.

This we manage to take the longest ride imaginable for Beers From Around the World where we end up enjoying beer from right around the corner.  We sample an offering from the “Community Supported Brewery” known as Fetish Brewing.  They recently ended up starting to distribute their beer in extremely limited supply to a few local shops and we could not pass up the opportunity to try their beer.

Mike offered an interesting opening question this week.  With all of the controversy over the Washington Redskins and many commentators demanding that the time has come for a name change.  With that in mind our opening question this week is: If you were to rename the Redskins to a team name involving beer, what would it be?

Show Notes:

Beer News:

  • Beers and Boobs – Ohio opens brewpub and strip joint.
  • Crested Butte, Colorado isn’t up for “whatever”
  • New Belgium Brewery starts Craft Beer Political Action Committee
  • European Union imposes labeling laws on Westvleteren
  • Carlsberg Group Deals with Rising Prices by Spending More and Screwing Customers

Beers From Around the World:

On the website recently I have been highlighting the adventures of Fetish Brewing Company.  They are an unusual brewery with an unusual business model.  They operate as a community supported brewery or CSB.  They essentially “sell” a limited number of memberships to those who wish to support the brewery.  Buy paying their membership dues those who are members get fresh Fetish beers monthly.  This is a great business model for a brewery who knows before brewing that each and every beer will be sold to their members.  It adds an air of mystery and exclusivity to the brewery as even after three years of brewing and me being eager to try their stuff I’ve only ever had the opportunity to try their beer once.  The downside to this business model is that members assume all the risk.  By paying your dues you are buying beer on a relationship of trust.  Much like a CSA if the farm grows a ton of raddishes and you hate radishes you wasted your money that month.  If Fetish brews a particularly nasty beer one month then you might be disgruntled having paid good money for bad beer.

Thankfully though Fetish seems to have built a solid relationship with their members.  So much so that they have been able to expand to the point to doing very, very minimal distribution.  They are currently selling their Spelt farmhouse ale.  Details are so very, very hard to get on any of their beers but this is apparently one of their more popular beers that ties in nicely with their annual beer barn celebration.  And since we have been showing them some reserved love on the site I thought nothing could be better than actually sampling their beer.

Beer vs Beer:

Mike’s Choice:Yard’s Cape of Good Hope

*Rob’s Choice: *Great Divide Brewing Company’s Titan IPA

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