Episode 35: Morgan Horse vs Moose

IMG_0305This is the 35th episode of the Blind Tiger podcast, recorded August 20th, 2014.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and myself were happily reunited to gather in our studio for the first full member recording episode in a few weeks.  Given that Mike had recently enjoyed a lengthy and amazing road trip to the great state of Maine only to be followed by myself heading to upstate New York with a beer-venture into Vermont we decided to craft an episode around our experiences in two amazing craft beer states.  The Morgan Horse will compete with the Moose to see which state animal represents the best in craft beer that New England has to offer.

We report on a lot of national news such as an important recall by Corona for potentially faulty bottles that can have glass particles in your beer.  Drinker beware!  We report on a real life example of the dark side of Kickstarter with a brewing company startup having taken quite a bit of money from backers without any progress to show for it after three years of time.  We report on a growing trend of breweries going green in an attempt to be eco-aware and whether that effort can affect a company’s reputation.  All that and of course much more.

In honor of Mike and I spending a lot of time lost in the untamed wilderness of northeast America our opening question this week was: “If you were going to disappear into the wilderness for the rest of your life what beer would you take with you and why?

Show Notes:

Beer News:

  • Wilderness Brewing Co shows no progress after three years
  • Do you Drink Green Beer?
  • Corona voluntarily recalls beers
  • Blind Tiger Presents: Pinkie’s Up!
  • SweetWater Brewing Company revamps their bottles

Beers from Around the World!

Since Mike and I have been traveling around New England in search of new and wondrous experiences in all things, but also craft beer we thought it might be beneficial to discuss the places that we had been to as a quick review of where had been for those who might be in the area.  Nothing is more frustrating to parts unknown and then not knowing what to visit.  It is in that spirit that Mike and I are going to share our thoughts on our Beers from Around the World!

Beer vs Beer: Moose and Squirrel Edition:

*Rob’s Choice: *Hill Farmstead – Florence

*Mike’s Choice: *Rising Tide – Zephyr IPA


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