Episode 31: Iceless/Stickless Hockey Edition

IMG_2853This is the 31st episode of the Blind Tiger podcast, recorded on June 24th, 2014.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and myself gathered in our studio to celebration the great wide world of soccer.  America has been bitten with World Cup fever, a highly communicative disease and who are we to argue with a massive tide of popular sentiment.  Mike and I decided to select interesting beers from countries in the World Cup to turn a very unlikely World Cup championship (Switzerland vs the Netherlands) into an amazing Beer Cup championship.  And this match up isn’t ninety minutes and neither beer takes a dive.

We discuss the release of an exciting new beer from Victory.  A new sour version of the HopDevil.  We talk about Dogfish Head’s new venture in the hotel business.  A hotel that is themed to match the spirit of Dogfish Head.  My fear is that their branding department is hellbent on world domination.

We discuss a the unwanted return of the Food Babe and that her ill-informed ramblings having gone from attacking the brewing giants to aiming her sights toward craft breweries.  And while her “demands” for transparency are as crass as they are pointless her “Food Babe Army” is not insignificant.

The introductory question to get our panel chatting this week was: If any beer could be the sole beer of the World Cup what should it be and why?

Show Notes:

Beer News:

  • Victory Releases HopDevil Derivative
  • Sleep Off Your Hangover at the Dogfish Head Inn
  • Bell’s Seasonal Canning Program Starts on Labor Day
  • FIFA to Futobollers – If you want beer, you should have it
  • Doomsday Seed Vault adds new seeds

The Food Babe Strikes Back:

Quite awhile we recorded a segment on the 8 “secret” ingredients in beer that are killing you.  This article was all over social media and the world-wide web convincing the lay drinker that their favorite beers were slowly poisoning them with things other than alcohol.  We discussed our opinions of this article whose intention seemed to gain web traffic by sowing fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  The article’s origin was from a blogger who has dubbed herself “the Food Babe”.  She is a “crusader” to help those attempting to live only the most healthiest of lifestyles whether that lifestyles makes any sense at all.  Don’t know what gluten is?  Well neither does the food babe, but she is confident it will kill you.  Know nothing about the brewing process?  Well the Food Babe is happy to tell how high fructose corn syrup is secretly in your beer.

This time around she is arguing that because beer isn’t covered by the FDA that brewers are unregulated poison merchants.  She had an open letter / petition calling for Anheuser Busch, Miller Coors, and Sam Adams to come clean on the various toxic ingredients.  What she failed to recognize is that Anheuser has had a website called tapintoyourbeer.com that lists ingredients as well as nutrition facts for all of their products.  Yet this didn’t stop the Food Babe from claiming a public victory against an unspeakable victory when Anheuser responded to her directly illustrating this point.

Beer vs Beer:

Mike’s Choice:BFM’s Square Root 225

Rob’s Choice: Brouwerij De Molen’s Hel & Verdoemenis

Joy of Beer Cooking:

So for this week’s joy of beer cooking, there won’t be any cooking per se, but we will be mixing an awful lot. That’s right, we are taking everyone’s favorite Spanish party drink, the sangria, ditching the wine and adding beer. So let’s make some Beer Sangria. Sangria is essentially four ingredients, much like beer, and contains fruit, wine, sugar, and brandy.

I’ve looked at a couple of recipes and I’m going to propose two. The first is a traditional sangria, and I believe that it should be made with a big, fruity, venous strong beer, which is the easy choice to replace a fruity red wine. Dogfish Head is a great choice for this, as they make a large array of easily attainable beers that fit this mold. You have black and blue, Fort, Noble Rot, Positive Contact, any of those will do. Then pick a good dark fruit, plums, blackberries, and mix them with some simple syrup and finish it up with a hint of brandy. The last two ingredients are going to be to taste, so experiment a little bit, see how sweet the fruit you have is, sometimes the fruit can be a tad more sour than others, so just really have a lot of fun with it. But of course, I can’t leave out the hops. Don’t they get any love when it comes to sangria? So how about grabbing something pleasingly hoppy, maybe something that has a good malt backbone to it as well. Like a Lagunitas Maximus or Bell’s Two Hearted. Mix that up with the brandy, probably want to go light on this one, and then add your sugar and some fruit. Grapefruit might be fun to try with this one, perhaps some apricot or nectarines. I’m planning on mixing up some of these for future picnics, so we can experiment to our hearts content.

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