IMG_2698This is the 30th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast, recorded on June 9th, 2014.  In this episode Mikes, Jesse, and myself gathered in the studio to help celebrate the end of the school.  Newly liberated teachers and students are looking forward to three solid months of free time and we thought what a better way to celebrate their emancipation than with a beer … or five.

We discuss a clever scheme by a GetGo gas station to sell beer at their establishment in clear violation of the spirit of Pennsylvania law.  Is their apparently legal rebellion a strong step forward for a revision in Pennsylvania’s liquor laws or is it a temporary loophole to be shut down?  Is it a bonus gain for craft beer or a surprising step backwards in getting craft beer into the hands of drinkers?

We also discuss the upcoming Sour N Stinky Fest this Saturday at the Fridge.  This is a must attend event so you should all make an effort to get there for good cheese and GREAT beer.

We end the show by indulging in a fine wine in an effort to appease Jesse.  This delightful vintage comes from the makers of Four-Loko and is advertised as taking the hip-hop and urban markets by storm.  You can imagine our enthusiasm for trying a six dollar bottle of wine made by the same company that made a highly alcoholic, over caffeinated, over sugared beverage.

Our introductory question to get the panel chatting this week was: If you were to give your teacher a beer instead of an apple, what would you give them?

Show Notes:

Beer News:

  • Fridge hosts 2nd Annual Sour N Stinky Fest this Saturday
  • Dogfish Head Beer Teams up with Pennsylvania Clothing Company
  • Bud Light Wants to Build World’s Dueschiest Town
  • Louisiana Brewer Bows before the Might of Godzilla Legal Team

Beer vs Beer:

Mike’s Choice:North Coast Brewing’s Class of ’88 Barleywine

Rob’s Choice:Unita’s Baba Black Lager

Point / Counterpoint:

Today being Monday June 9th, Mike wrote an article about the opening of a GetGo gas station south of Pittsburgh that is offering beer for sale in house and to take out. As far as I can gather, this is just the second gas station to offer beer in Pennsylvania and is the first for the Giant Eagle Store owned chain of convenience stores. (Remember Giant Eagle?) The chain is able to subvert current PA beer laws that forbid alcohol sales in retail stores by classifying itself as a restaurant and then obtaining a liquor license. So far the PA liquor control board is willing to grant these licenses, and it seems as if GetGo is testing the waters, much like Sheetz did several years ago when they started this trend at one of its stores in Altoona. GetGo is receiving some pushback, especially amongst the Malt Beverage Distributors Association. Do we condone what GetGo has done? Let us discuss it in tonight’s Point/Counterpoint.

Slummin’ It:

From the makers of the wildly popular heart-bursting college beverage four-loko, comes the more dignified Moscato Life. A 6% ABV malt beverage, Moscato life was created to reflect the flavors of Moscato wine, the country’s third most popular vino. Usually reserved as a digestif, Moscato wine has seen a rise in popularity, especially among, and this is a direct quote off of the website, “the hip-hop and urban community”. Phusion Projects, the company behind the products, decided to create a marketable beverage whose official brand ambassador is DJ Dimepiece. The progressive adult beverage comes in at a comfortable 8 bucks and is available in two flavors, Original and Rose.

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