IMG_2598This is the twenty-ninth episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast, recorded on May 26th, 2014.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and myself attempt to wash out the flavor from our 40s battle last episode with the powerful combination of sour with a little sweet.  We combined the sweetness of a hop candy with one of my favorite group of styles, sour beers.

We go over some exciting news about changes to South Carolina law to help encourage Stone Brewing Company to open a new brewing facility in their great state.  We go over the Australian Medical Associations objection to the sale of Duff beer in their continent/country.  And yes that is the same Duff beer as featured in the Simpsons.

And we discuss how Sixpoint Brewing Company is brewing the “Beer of the Future” with an experimental hop strain that has not yet been released to market.

All this and more so be sure to give the episode a listen.

Our introductory question to get the panel chatting this week was: If you were going to make a beer related sour candy what would it be and why?

Show Notes:

Beer News:

  • Spots Still Available for Homebrew and History Class
  • Crooked Fence calls out Governor with new Beer
  • South Carolina passes new Beer Measure
  • Sixpoint Brewing Beer of the Future
  • Australian AMA outraged by Duff beer sales

Beer vs Beer:

Rob’s Choice: Dutchess de Bourgogne

Mike’s Choice:Yard’s Grand Cru


Let’s Try Something New: Hop Flavored Candy:

So it’s not really Joy of Beer Cooking and not quite slumming it, but the other week I was able to unearth some Hop flavored Candy. I found myself in Frenchtown, NJ a small historic town right on the other side of the Delaware River and it has a nice little downtown area. One of the shops includes a “man” store which features Flannel Shirts and fancy shaving kits. At the cash register there was a small bag with handsome green bow and on it reads “Beercandy, the first candy for beer lovers”. This was the only one in the store, and there was no price on it, the woman behind the counter simply threw out a number off the top of her head, and while it advertises no real information other than containing American Cascade hop oil, I knew I had to try it and share it with you guys.

Homebrew 101:

We have spent the majority of homebrew 101 going over the basic steps of brewing while always reminding the brewer that they must always, always diligently sanitize during the operation to avoid any and all possible spoilage. Today’s homebrew 101 is going to sound a bit paradoxical because in order to try your hand at making a sour beer, you are going to want your beer to become infected in order to enjoy that tangy goodness. This is because a lot of what makes a sour beer sour is found in the natural yeasts and bacteria that surround us everyday.

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