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This is the twenty-fifth episode of the Blind Tiger podcast, recorded March 30th 2014.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and I gathered in the studio to seek shelter during an especially frigid rain storm.  This was an especially delicious episode as it may be the episode where we tried the most beers.  More beers than you can drink sensibly without getting drunk on a Sunday afternoon.

Having noticed that March is one of the most indecisive of months with sudden temperature changes that can lead to highs from the upper 20s to highs in the mid 60s it reminded us of the unforgettable Simpson’s joke where Homer complains about Smarch’s extreme weather.

As we sat huddled in the studio trying to dry off and get warm it inspired us to have a few rainy day beers to forget about the cold rain that turned to sleet.

This episode we start out with the following question to get our panel chatting. The question is: “If you made a beer themed for the month of March what would it be and why?”

Show Notes:

Beer News:

  • Satisfy Your Inner Zombie with a Beer Made with Brains
  • Father and Son allege discrimination by Lion Brewery
  • Nerds Rejoice, an Officially Licensed Star Trek Beer is Coming Stateside!
  • Rocker Ozzy Osbourne sends cease and desist letter to The Brewer’s Art
  • First Synthetic Chromosome Constructed Using Beer Yeast
  • Breeders of Citra and Mosaic to unveil new hop strain

Point Counterpoint: The Pros and Cons of the Pale Stout

We have debated on this show about the merit of beer styles before. In some cases they are handy in order to delineate the gross differences between Kolsch’s and Russian Imperial Stouts. Other times they seem to obfuscate what exactly is being poured into your glass and lead to petty squabbling between beer nerds about what makes a true this or that. Now I’d like us nerds to debate the burgeoning hybrid styles that each brewery seems to like to incorporate into their profile, specifically the Pale Stout. It is easy to darken light beer styles with roasted grains or throw lactobacillus into virtually anything to get Black IPAs or Sour Stouts, but how does one lighten an already dark beer? In the news article above, Dock Street Brewing Company is releasing what they call a pale stout, but give no details about what exactly that means. There is no officially recognized Pale Stout category, and what exactly constitutes a Pale Stout seems up for debate.

Beer vs Beer

Rob’s Choice:Deschutes’ Black Butte Porter

Mike’s Choice:Revolution Brewing’ Eugene

Rare Beer Snob Selections – Nihilst Stout

I believe it was two full episodes ago that we reported that SlyFox Brewing Company was bottling their renowned Nihilst stout for an extremely limited release.  This was an experimental beer by SlyFox that wowed those who managed to get their hands on the beer but SlyFox had never released the beer outside their brewpub or brewery.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle for us to share to see if the beer lives up to the hype.  Given that it is such a rainy day settling in with a nice, strong stout to end our recording seemed like a great idea.  SlyFox describes the beer as “Boasting higher alcohol volumes and abundant malt character, Imperial Stouts were first brewed in England to satisfy the Russian Czar, and this robust version was first brewed to celebrate the 17th anniversary of Sly Fox Brewing Company. Nihilist exhibits huge chocolate and roasted malt flavors, subtle suggestions of dark fruit and a warming alcohol finish.”  The beer is 9% ABV with hugh IBUs at 80.  It is available only in 750ml bottles as a seasonal release and occasional available on draft.  Let’s see if this beer is truly worthy of appeasing the Czar.

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