Episode 24: Widgets and Charms

This is the 24th episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast, recorded on March 12th, 2014. In this episode Mike, Jesse, and I (today the part of Rob Fisher will be played by Emily Landis, Rob’s understudy) gathered in the studio to bring some much-needed levity to the overly serious Blind Tiger Podcast.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discuss the top five flaws of mine with humor and a huge dose of humility.  It is definitely worth a listen.

This week’s episode we discuss the invention of the beer widget which allows beers like Guinness to provide adequate nitrogen agitation which makes it trademark silken head possible in the bottle.  This tiny piece of technology brought beers on nitro out of the bar and into your home.

We also discuss a beer from Yuengling, which doesn’t happen often, a lawsuit against a hockey arena for scamming their beer guzzling patrons, and a new smartphone application to help you keep your beer snob credibility.

This episode we start out with the following question to get our panel chatting.  The question is: If you could be a lucky charm from the breakfast cereal, which would it be and why?

Show Notes:

Rob’s Top 5 Things He’d Rather Be Doing Than Recording w/ Mike & Jesse:

  • Instabragging – Advertising my awesome location via photos on instagram
  • Inventing a new liquor, whiskey infused scotch
  • Winning Scrabble with the word ‘Fantastic’
  • Polling my friends favorite bands to decide who I no longer like to listen to.
  • Performing my one man Broadway play, “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: the Musical”

Beer News:

  • Yuengling to Release ‘Summer Wheat’
  • Lawsuit against Hockey Arena for False Advertising
  • New Company Hopes You Throw Back a Cold One After Pumping Iron
  • New App discerns Macro Beers From Micro Beers

Beer vs Beer:

Mike’s Choice:Murphy’s Irish Stout

Rob’s Choice: Great Lakes’ Conway’s Irish Ale

Libation Innovation: The Widget

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, you may find yourself imbibing a
can of Guinness, or similar Irish beverage. Many an inebriated person has put
one of these back, shook the can and thought to himself, “What the hell is that
rattling?” The more industrious saw open a can, which usually leads to some sort
of injury, and find a small ping-pong ball like object. You may ask, what is the
possible use of this object and more importantly why is it in my beer hogging
precious volume? Well, you my friend have discovered what is known in the beer
industry as the technically termed, widget.

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