This is the nineteenth episode of the Blind Tiger Podcast, recorded on January 8th, 2014.  In this episode Mike, Jesse, and I gather together in our studio to fight off the “polar vortex” that is blasting America with below freezing temperatures.  Having awoken to sub-zero temperatures and a frigid wind chill that sparked school closures and frostbite warnings we decided to fight the ice with fire, or at least the fire’s smoke with Episode 19: Smokey the Beer.

As usual we start out with some exciting beer news with a lot of great local news this week.  We discuss the virtues and vices of using Kickstarter to “crowd source” your exciting new beer venture after a blog post that hit the internet this week set off a firestorm of debate on the topic.

Mike tries to even the beer vs beer score in our battle of smoked beers.  Will Jesse enjoy the subtle hints of smoke in a light porter or a stronger double stout?  Listen to find out.

We end the show with a new Homebrew 101 where Mike discusses the importance of sanitation and how best to keep your gear clean.

This episode we start out with the following question to get our panel chatting.  The question is: If you could make a beer flavored cigarette what would be the name and motto?

Show Notes:

Beer News:

  • Tröegs Releasing New Seasonals in 2014
  • Roburitto’s still planning on serving house-made beer. 
  • Tröegs Releasing Two Favorites 
  • Alcohol use by teens has dropped since 1990s 
  • Truck Fire Extinguished with Beer. 
  • Brewers Association Estimates Independent Brewers Contribute 24 billion to US economy 
  • World’s Cheapest Beer 
  • Iceland to Brew Beer Made with Whale Meat. 

Point / Counterpoint: Kickstarter; Startup Tool or Digital Panhandling?

Don’ posted a scathing, unrelenting, critical post aimed directly at those turning to kickstarter to crowd-source a new beer related venture.  The author illustrates a number of kickstarter campaigns with dubious amounts of viability that are eager to take your money in the hopes that someday you’ll be able to enjoy delicious craft beer.  You too could get in on the investment ground floor saying you help funded the next Alchemist or Russian River.  Or for a low, low donation of $1,000 you could get the tangible honor of naming Fossil Brewing Company’s fermenter.

Beer vs Beer:

Mike’s Choice: Lavery Brewing Company Belfast Black 

Rob’s Choice: Olvisholt Brugghus’ Lava

Homebrew 101:

If you are just getting into homebrewing or are looking to, you have heard ad nauseum that you must sanitize and that if you don’t, clowns will steal your children or some other such tall tales. If you have looked at the options though, you may feel a little lost. Some people will swear by one method, others prefer a different way. Let’s look at the three main ways to eliminate bad bacteria like the crest cavity patrol.

  • Surfactants
  • Iodophor
  • Bleach

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