Doubt Your Sobriety By Watching These Beer Labels Move

“I swear I just the Sumpin’ Sumpin’ girl move” said my brain one toasted night, weekends ago. Enjoying a lightly inebriated state while drinking a selection of beverages from a trough party, the way the light hit the bottle on the refreshing wheat IPA from Lagunitas made her seem to wink at me while shaking one of her knee-high sock covered legs.


Ok, maybe not. But I can guarantee that weirder things have happened at parties where the almost 8% ABV beer was involved. And if you have ever wondered what the very near future of beer advertising would look like, look no further than Trevor Carmick’s mock up of current craft beer labels in beautiful GIF form. GIF, or Graphice Interchange Format, has been around for years and allows for multiple images to be viewed in succession, acting as a tiny movie. Mostly you’ve seen them involving cats. These are high quality productions of some of his (and mine) favorite beers and how their labels could or would move around on your glass, can, or bottle. Take note of “Yeti” by Great Divide Brewing Company. The yeti, normally featured on the bottle, makes his entrance stage left as the words “Imperial Stout” start to flow with his progress. Most hastily done gifs tend to end abruptly as they restart from the beginning, but Trevor has the text unwind itself as the Yeti approaches yet again from the left, making for a nice seamless transition.


My favorite of his, by far, is the one of Heady Topper, by the Alchemist Brewing Company. A fantastic beer in its own right, watch as the beer drinkers hair alights with hoppy flame as he imbibes his enchanted beverage.


Head on over to Mr. Carmick’s Tumblr, or follow him on Twitter to see many more of his other GIF label mock-ups. I certainly appreciate when beer and art collide, and this is just another awesome example paying homage to a few great beers.