Cycle Brewing Find Florida Growler Law Loophole

Photo via Florida Beer NewsPhoto via Florida Beer News

We have been pretty focused on the ongoing debate in the Florida State legislature over the attempt to legalized sales of half-gallon growler fills at bars and breweries. Florida is one of the only states that doesn’t allow the sale of 32oz of beer in growlers which is unfortunate for craft beer vacationers as their almost universally accepted growlers aren’t legal in the state. Instead, as a Floridian craft beer customer you need to buy an entire gallon of beer at once; which is a hefty undertaking for a single individual.

Cycle Brewing has decided to not so subtly flip the proverbial bird to their state’s legislatures current refusal to simply overturn a basic, unnecessary restriction on craft beer. They have released an awesome “new growler” that lets beer fans keep a typical 64oz growler but keep within Florida’s laws. How did cycle brewing manage this? Well they kept within the letter of the law by taping two 64oz growlers together and selling that combination as a single “growler”.

The special “buy one, get one” growler is being filled with M.S.L.A.B or “Most State Legislators are Boneheads” ale which just salts the wound of so brazenly violating the spirit of the law while technically not doing anything illegal.

The anarchistic iconoclast in me loves the grit that Cycle Brewing is showing by circumventing the law and giving their customers what they want rather than what a bunch of out of touch, corrupt legislatures dictate.

I hope that Cycle Brewing doesn’t find themselves in legal trouble for their flagrant disregard for Florida regulations and if I were in the area I would definitely be getting 64oz of M.S.L.A.B. until the law was fixed.

Source: Florida Beer News