Budweiser Introduces New "Bowtie" Shaped Cans

Because sometimes you want your beer can to look as classy as you do.

Had Budweiser tried to trumpet this three weeks ago, it would have been a great April Fools Gag. Instead it looks like Budweiser, who introduced a redesigned can several years ago, has gone ahead and tried to one up themselves by introducing a can actually shaped like their well-marketed bow-tie logo. Several years in the making, this can utilizes a custom 16 step process to form its unique shape. It will appear on store shelves around the first week of May, in time for tail-gating fans everywhere. *Caveat Emptor *however, as the new can with a slim waist will be 11.3 oz in volume compared to the standard 12 oz. Beer in cans versus bottles has been the new thing over the past couple of years, and now companies are looking to novelty packaging to stay ahead of the game. Miller has recently introduced the punch-top can, a solution to a problem no one had, and the craft brewer Slyfox has recently introduced a can where the entire top can be removed. Look for our next podcast for our in depth look at the Slyfox cans and what we thought of them.

Source: PR Newswire