Bringing Back the Boilermaker

BoilermakerVia: Food Republic

I’ve ordered shots at a bar before and lord knows a beer or two, but one thing I have never accomplished in my lifetime is to order a “boilermaker”. There have been times when I’ve yearned for one, usually on a Friday, (or a Monday, Wednesday, hell any day) but never took the plunge. Perhaps it was the blue collar sanctity of it or the fear that I might either get a bartender who might not know what one was or worse; place a shot of old Grand Dad and a Bud Light in front on me

This article from the New York Times brings the idea in perspective. Much like the craft liquor business is burgeoning among the craft beer craze, the marriage of the two is starting to make sense at bars and pubs one might not consider dives. There is always the old stand-by, but some bars are taking the pairing seriously, advocating for certain combinations right in the menu or willing to suggest a mate to go with your Manhattan or Speak Easy Lager.

Once you’ve figured out which liquids you are backing, it’s now time to decide how to consume them. Do you take the shot and then chase it with a beer? or do you go frat-style and drop and chug. Perhaps you’ve splurged on some top shelf stuff and sip a little from column A and a little from column B, really getting to know how each plays off the other intimately.

It’s only alcohol, so I guess you don’t need to think about it too hard. Have any favorite shot and beer pairings, please leave a comment below!

Source: The New York Times