Best New Beers of 2013

IMG_1117As the year starts coming to the end there becomes a plethora of the requisite “year in review” posts from news sites, blogs, photo journals, and just about any periodic medium on the web. While I’m sure we will indulge in that frivolity ourselves today is not that day. Today we look at someone else’s wrap up of the newest beers of 2013 and through the collective ratings of users on untappd and some statistical analysis to weed out highly available powerhouses here are BeerGraph’s top five new beers of 2013.

  1. Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout

    8912 checkins — 3.711 avg rating — 0.63 wOBAR — 8.56 BAR

  2. Victory DirtWolf
    6740 checkins — 3.730 avg rating — 0.58 wOBAR — 7.61 BAR
  3. Widmer Hopside Down IPA
    4485 checkins — 3.202 avg rating — 0.84 wOBAR — 6.79 BAR
  4. Founder’s Mango Magnifico
    3516 checkins — 3.397 avg rating — 0.53 wOBAR — 5.58 BAR
  5. Southern Tier Warlock
    7608 checkins — 3.755 avg rating — 0.69 wOBAR — 3.42 BAR
What’s all this wOBAR and BAR rating nonsense? Well BeerGraphs have taken it upon themselves to attempt to properly categorize and rate beers. Their rating system takes into consideration not just how a beer is rated on untappd but it uses the wOBAR rating to compare the beer to peers of the same style. They also attempt to compensate for popularity so that “best-selling beers don’t get too much credit for selling well.” They have an amazing leaderboard showing their list of beers rated using their statistical rating methods. A very different look than those on untappd or ratebeer.

Personally I have had three of the five beers on the list. I had the opportunity to grab the w00tstout but chose not to due to expense in doing so. I also avoided the Mango Magnifico as I general dislike mango flavored beer but if I had known it was going to be a top five beer release in 2013 I would have taken the risk.

Dirt Wolf is a delicious Imperial IPA from Victory. We reported on its release and sampled it on air and it is worthy of being in the top of this list. It can’t compete toe to toe with Heady Topper or Pliny the Elder but as a new entry to the market place it is hoppy yet balanced and worthy of the high rating. The Hopside Down IPA was probably my favorite on the list. I had that on a whim one night and found myself buying it regularly for casual consumption. It isn’t your traditional IPA but it works for what it is. The Warlock already has a reputation as being a hefty player in the winter beer categories. While I’m not sure it necessarily is an overwhelmingly amazing beer it is undeniably overwhelming on flavor. It was a complex stout with layers of chocolate, pumpkin, and various spices. I gave it a high rating and certainly encouraged others to give it a taste but not sure I would drink it more than once or twice a year.

But who is to say that BeerGraphs has the definitive answer on great beers that were released this year? What are your thoughts on the world’s greatest beers of 2013? Is this list correct? Or is yours better? Leave a comment with your favorite top five list.