Best Introductory Video to Brewing

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Regardless of medium there are always three groups of persons surrounding a craft; producers, critics, and consumers. Take music for example. There are the musicians who create the music whether by songwriting or performing. There is a critical community that studies, analyzes, supports, and of course critiques the works of the music makers. Then there are the fans themselves who consume the music. While these groups are anything but distinctly separated entities usually the consumer group contains the largest percentage of fans of the resulting product who contain little knowledge of how that result is created.

The same goes for craft beer. One of thee most popular questions when discussing craft beer is how is beer created in the first place. Yet this is not a simple question to answer and it becomes even more clouded by complexity when answered by a beer brewer themselves. Personally when asked I end up drawing a diagram with flow arrows from milling to bottling with tons of tiny figures representing the several steps along the way. Anytime I have to explain milling, steeping, or fermenting the conversation too quickly delves into the plethora of nuance in types of styles, ingredients, and even methods. No ignorant yet curious consumer wants to get into a deep discussion on modern filtering techniques or yeast strains when asking about beer. They just want the basics.

Nk’Motion on vimeo created perhaps the best basic introduction to brewing I have ever seen. It is simple, compelling, pretty and yet extremely informative for a video shorter than two minutes. It walks a user through the basics from what ingredients go into beer, how they are prepped, where in the process they are added, what each step is called, and how long each step normally takes without a single spoken word. It is the simplest primer for brewing I have seen that covers almost all you’d need to know to want to know more. Which of course only lends itself to helping those who don’t know much to ask questions at the next level without getting lost in the minutia of brewing.

If you find yourself too often running into this question without a great way to give someone a concise answer to the question “how do you brew beer” then I suggest you just send them this video and wait for the follow-up questions. In my experience once someone starts down the rabbit hole of learning about brewing their curiosity is just never satisfied.