Beer Vs. Beer - Presidential Edition

President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, much like the mayors of Superbowl Cities, have decided to place a friendly wager on the Olympic games. Hockey is big in the Olympics, and big in both countries, especially for Canada who made special exemptions for bars to open at the crack of dawn so that eager Canucks could grab a pint of Molson at the 7AM EST puck drop.

That said, the friendly wager which could have been something interesting like Alaska for the Yukon was instead a case of beer; one for each of the big US vs Canada games. The US women’s team took a heartbreaking loss to Canada in the gold medal game & sadly the US Men’s team also lost to our northern brethren in the Semi-Finals. President Obama now owes Mr. Harper 48 bottles of malt beverage.

Luckily for the President, who has become an avid homebrewer, he has plenty of stock to give and will part with likely one of each of his White House Honey Ale and Honey Porter both made with honey collected from hives on the grounds of the big house. For those feeling presidential, the recipes are freely available thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, and I can attest that the Honey Ale, brewed by my lady friend, is indeed tasty.

Source: ABC News