Because Sometimes Fake Products Are the Best, Stein Coozie Becomes Reality


Earlier this year, the website ThinkGeek revealed a new product for sale. It was a faux-pewter German beer stein that could hold any traditional 12oz can, allowing you to consume beer or other aluminum-housed beverages without needing to free them from their dark cages. Sadly, it was offered on that day of days, April 1st, and it was discovered to be nothing more than an April fool’s hoax.

But because the brains behind this and other fake products made them so believable as to be desired, it wasn’t long before someone in corporate made it a reality. It has happened once before on ThinkGeek, and now it has again.

Fans of canned beer, be it 21st Amendment, Oskar Blues, Cigar City, or yes, even the big three can now sip in style. If you were scoffed at for consuming beer out a can, class it up a notch  by inserting it into this (albeit fake) pewter stein complete with flip top action. The Das Can-in-Stein is only ten bucks and would great as a gift, gag or otherwise.

Source: Gizmodo