Ballpark Unveils Frozen Beer

Baseball and beer go hand in hand, with the more cynical of us claiming they* must *in order to enjoy the former. Whether or not you believe this to be true, if you find yourself at the Texas Rangers Ballpark (Now being restyled as “Forgettably Named Insurance Company Park”) you can beat the heat with a new frozen beer beverage. Yes, we enjoy all things smoothie and why not beer? A half pint of Kirin Ichiban is first poured into your cup, then a special machine adds on a thick topping of frozen beer similar in consistency to vanilla ice cream. Watch this magical beverage created below.

No word on whether other beer flavors will be available, but it looks like it might just be the Japanese Lager for now. If you want this frostiest of frosty beers, you’ll either have to get seats in centerfield or trek your way down there, as there will be only one concession stand dispensing the frozen beer. If you find this to be intolerable, the ballpark also acquired a license to sell wine at two stands.

The Rangers have joined other ballparks in beefing up their food and beverage stuffs. Gone are the days when you overpaid for a simple hot dog. Now you can blow half a Benjamin on such fare as a two-foot sandwich covered in barbecue and coleslaw. The frozen beer is just another way to pry money from the ol’ wallet. Luckily at $7.75 the price isn’t too far off base from what one would pay for a regular, liquid beer. Should this trend continue, one can only hope for inhaleable beer in the near future.

Source: ESPN, Dallas News