Australian Alchemists Aim for Alleviating Alcohol


The Aussies are hard at work to bring to market a product that everyone could use now and again. Researchers at the Griffith Health Institute in Queensland have formulated what they are calling a “Hangover-Free beer”. Functioning much like Gatorade does for your system, the team has infused an electrolyte mixture into the brews to help your body retain water. A quick science recap: Alcohol acts as a diuretic which causes your system to excrete more urine than usual and thus water. The body then suffers from dehydration and all the side effects that go along with it that society has dubbed the hangover. The researchers ran a few studies against regular beers and found that their electrolyte beer helped dehydrated subjects recoup fluid levels 33% better. The best electrolyte beer was also a lower in alcohol light brew which obviously would also help one to avoid hangovers.

An interesting product for sure, but certainly not the miracle we all would hope for. While the electrolytes would certainly help you retain a healthier fluid balance, it by no means could be considered a health product. The researchers cautioned against trying to use this as a substitute for re-hydration after strenuous exercise versus water or Gatorade-style beverages.