Another List of the Best Craft Beer

jpegBeer Advocate’s magazine. Or you prefer the sporadic publication of the aptly named Beer magazine. Or perhaps you enjoy Brew; the home-brew magazine. Or perhaps you enjoy Zymurgy; the magazine of the American Home-brew Association.

That last option just posted a list of their top craft beers and some of the results are really surprising. While they went well beyond the top ten I thought the list of the top ten was quite unconventional in the making. Of course they were considering only American craft beer so you won’t see any international offerings like Westvleteren’s XII. Let’s look at the list.

Zymergy’s Top Ten American Craft Beers
1Pliny the ElderRussian River
2Two Hearted AleBell’s
390 Minute IPADogfish Head
5Sculpin IPABallast Point
6Breakfast StoutFounder’s
7Arrogant BastardStone
8[1]Ruthless RyeSierra Nevada
8 [1]SucksLagunitas
8[1]Ruination IPAStone
With the exception of Pliny the Elder I have had the good fortune to taste all of these beers. There is no doubt in my mind that all of these beers are deserving of high accolades for the quality of these beers. I have long touted the merits of Sculpin IPA by Ballast Point. I was also blown away by the quality of this years version of Lagunitas Sucks. I still have some objections to this very subjective list.

I was shocked to see that [Heady Topper] was ranked only 16 in this list as it is usually within most top five lists and truly a beer above and beyond. I was shocked that Surly’s Furious was ranked 26th but their Darkness wasn’t even in the top 50. I was shocked that Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout was ranked below their normal Breakfast Stout.

I was super proud to see that Tröegs Nugget Nectar was tied for 27th with the phenomenal Green Flash West Coast IPA and Deschutes Black Butte Porter.

I’m curious of our readers about how many of these beers have you managed to have and do you think this list is in line with what your perceptions of craft beer are? The full list is available at the HuffPo for your perusal.

The Zymergy article also cited the top five craft breweries in America based on a Best Portfolio classification. The results were pretty typical though it was cool seeing Avery and Cigar City on the list. I think both those breweries are doing amazing things and truly deserve the list.

1The Boston Beer Company
2Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
3Avery Brewing Company
4Cigar City Brewing
5Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
I’m curious to know what you think about these lists. While I know most craft brewers make the beer they enjoy and aren’t in it for the accolades beyond the satisfaction of their customers it is interesting attempting to rate beers from different styles.

Let me know what you might object to.

- - - - - - 1. These beers were all tied for 8th place [ ↩](#fnref:1 "return to article")