American Craft Brew Week 2013

jpeg-6This week (May 13th – 19th) is the American Craft Beer Week for 2013. This week-long celebration organized by the Brewers Association.  The Brewers Association (BA) is a “not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers, their craft beers, and the community of brewing enthusiasts.”  The Brewers Association is a fantastic organization that pulls resources from craft brewers across the nation to support those interested in starting a brewery, collective action to influence government policy regarding brewing, hosting events to display, educate, and increase enthusiasm for craft breweries. describes American Craft Beer Week as:

Beers weeks are giving craft beer fans across the U.S. ever-increasing options to enjoy and share the beverage they love.  beer weeks celebrate the culture and community of craft beer, and give breweries and beer businesses the opportunity to connect with the fans.

Events are being hosted all across the nation from official sponsored events to breweries, bars, and enthusiasts hosting their own celebrations for fellow fans.

We at the Blind Tiger Podcast will be celebrating in style on Saturday May 18th at the local Lancaster favorite, the Fridge.  On Saturday the Fridge is celebrating ACBW by offering a tasting of Founders KBS.  This seasonal stout is available only in the month of April and has an extremely limited release.  Rated a whopping 100 on ratebeer and beer advocate this is a highly coveted beer and the Fridge has apparently the only keg available in all of Lancaster county.

While not every event may be offering such an opportunity check your local bars and breweries for events near you.  And lacking any official events, grab some friends and start your own.  Introduce a friend to a great beer they have never had before, try new craft beers for yourself.  Celebrate the vast array of craft breweries and their beers.

And of course listening to podcasts on the subject doesn’t hurt either.