All Hail the World's Strongest Beer!

Source: The Real Ale CompanySource: The Real Ale Company

Can’t decide between a beer or a shot? In this day and age of bigger and bolder craft beer, you don’t have to.  It seems only a few years ago that Sam Adams boasted the world’s strongest beer; a measly 29% ABV. That makes it about 60 proof, fairly decent for a beer but still entry level when it comes to spirits. Then the title went to a German brewer, but now those wild brewers in the United Kingdom have made it a personal challenge to outdo each other when it comes to the title of a beer that truly will knock you on your ass.

English brewer Brewdog has two bold beverages; the inexplicably names “Tactical Nuclear Penguin” which comes in at 32% and, if you are looking for something a little more bold, “Sink the Bismark” at 41%. Yes, that makes it 80 proof which means it is as potent as your basic vodka or rum that you pick up in a liquor store.

Those beers are still small potatoes, or at least that is the thinking of Scottish Brewer Brewmeister. You’ll be speaking Scottish Brogue in no time if you imbibe either of the aptly named “Armageddon” or “Snake Venom”. The former held the title of world’s strongest beer at 65% ABV only to be replaced by the latter which bumps it up a few notches to 67.5%, 135 proof.

The process to make a beer this high in alcohol is a bit more complicated than simply brewing a beer with a large amount of sugar. For starters, a beer can only achieve around a 15% ABV level naturally before the alcohol that the yeasts emit as a byproduct after consuming  the sugar reaches a point where it becomes lethal. Brewmeister utilizes a process called “fractional freezing” wherein increasingly colder temperatures are applied to the the beer in order to concentrate the amount of alcohol left behind after the precipitating ice is removed.

The beer comes with a special yellow hazard label affixed to the neck of the bottle, much like it was wearing a scarf, to warn anyone uninformed enough that the beer is potent and must be consumed with caution. Pick one up for a holiday party near you!

Source: Fox News