Alaskan Brewing Company's Gold Rush Contest

amber_gold-nugget-webbyTaking a play out of the Roald Dahl playbook, Alaskan Brewing Company has hidden a golden ticket somewhere in downtown Seattle that can be redeemed for a gold nugget currently worth about $10,000.

Starting last Friday, July 12th, the brewing company will release clues to the location of the golden ticket via the KISW radio station.  Each Friday through August 9th they will release more clues to aid the eager treasure hunters to the location of the valuable golden ticket.  [Clues will also be posted in partner locations around the city of Seattle in case a treasure hunter misses the radio clues.]

This is an extremely large prize for a promotional contest (especially if they actually give you the nugget since gold prices fluctuate) and a fantastic idea to promote both the brewery, its beer, and the city of Seattle.  If I were spending time in the great state of Washington you could guarantee that I would be attempting to maximize my sleuthing skills in an attempt to win that golden ticket.

I hope this kind of things becomes more commonplace.  I think Philadelphia or even Lancaster could be a great city for something like this.  I would love to be running around my hometown, searching for clues, conspiring with friends, in an attempt to find an almost literal golden ticket.

It is a cool contest and I wish I could be participating.  I wonder if the contests are constantly humming, “‘Cause I have a golden ticket” over and over in their heads.  I wonder if you, dear reader, are now humming it as well.