A Beer Flavored Lollipop is Really What You Wanted For Easter

Source: LollyphileSource: Lollyphile

In the wonderful age we live in, we can enjoy a variety of foods in more flavors and tastes than ever thanks to molecular gastronomy. Whether you want to eat it, drink it, inhale it, or snort it, whatever your favorite meal is can now probably be found in more forms than one. Take beer for instance. Thought it was only a beverage? Think again.

Lollyphile, a company that specializes in oddly flavored lollipops, wants you to lick your beer. They are offering three flavors, Lager, IPA, and Stout (and for wine lovers, they offer a variety of those flavors too). According to the owner, the flavors aren’t dialed down to try and appeal to the masses. That means the IPA lollipop is super hoppy, the stout lollipop dark and rich, etc.

For those who love beer and have a bit of an oral fixation, you can seize the day and get all three at a discount. Lollyphile is offering  a half off special this week only. Use the code “beerbreak” at the checkout

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