Lancaster Craft Beerfest Ticket Winners


I am pleased to announce the two winners to the Lancaster Craft Beerfest.  It ended up being a painful decision as a lot of great entries were submitted.  The question to be answered was: If you could share a few pints with any person, living or dead, what would you drink and who would you be drinking with?  The answers were as varied as the persons who entered them.  It was clear from all of the entries that people had given a lot of thought about who their favorite figure would be to share a conversation over a delicious brew.  Answers that made my own seem less creative and interesting.

Sadly we were unable to give tickets away to every person who entered, though I certainly would have liked to.  Instead we have to exceptional entries which won our prize.  They are below in no particular order.

Winner #1: Steve S

Steve wrote in with an extremely detailed entry about what beers he would drink, what the topic of conversation would be and it seemed that he was eager to befriend his guest by the end of their night together.  He ended up selecting a fantastic historical figure, a number of delicious beers to share with them, and topics of conversation that I would want to know as well.  Here is his winning entry.

Although there are a bunch of people I’d love to have beers with that are already gone, I would have to say that more than anyone, I would have to choose George Washington.  I am a huge history fan and the revolutionary war is my favorite aspect of history.  I would love to sit down with him and hear his version of the events.  The first beer I would have with George would be Yards, George Washington, Tavern Porter (part of their ales of the revolution) to see if he likes it and to see how similar it was to the brew he used to drink.  I’d have to find out how many beers he had before he crossed the river on Christmas eve to sneak attack the Brits.   I think he would find it pretty amazing that not only does he have a state named after him and holiday’s in his honor but even more importantly he has a great beer made to honor him.  I’d like to explain to him some of the key events in our history that transpired since the revolution and get his take on those events.  I’d also like to see if the America we see today is the America he envisioned and was willing to die for.

I’d have to end the night with a “Samuel Smith Taddy Porter” to show him that the English made some damn good beer too and thanks to him we are able to drink it freely!

Lastly, I’d have to show George Washington as America has evolved, so has our taste in beer.  I would then knock his socks off with some of the best American made IPA’s.  I’d let him taste a few of my favorites such as Racer 5 from Bear Republic and Stone Ruination and see if he enjoyed the hops!

Who wouldn’t want to be a silent (but drinking guest) to that evening with our first President.  I know I would want to be there.  So congratulations Steve.  Hope you enjoy the festival!

Winner #2: Matt J

Our next winner decided to eschew the conventional and add an artistic flare to the contest.  Rather than select a single beverage with a single person and describe the ideal encounter, this clever entry was crafted instead as a limerick of persons, beverages, and witticisms.  While one may not have an instruction manual on how to spend a night drinking with a famous person it was by far the most creative of answers and worthy of a trip to the festival.  Here is his entry:

Ein stein of maibock with Einstein
A pint of Porter with Cole
A firkin of faro with Feinstein
A pale ale, at Yale, with Thoreau

Oh how can you ask me to narrow
My historical drinking bud
A beer with Beethoven? A doppel with Darrow?
Or a manual cask-stout with Ludd?

There’s no hope to choose just one
When there’s so much beer to be had
A lambic with Lindy, a lager with Lincoln
As long as there’s beer, and good cheer,
The company could never be bad!

With a list like that with meter and rhyme who can argue with that selection.  I wonder if Lincoln would like a lager or Feinstein a firkin of faro?  Who could know?  But congratulations Matt J.  Hope to see you at the festival as well.

While these are our two winners I wanted to acknowledge a few other persons who made the choice extremely difficult for our judges.  I wanted to recognize Craig H who wanted to have the good lord Jesus change water, in his case Coors, into a fine barleywine.  This irreverent selection tickled my fancy as did the real rest of his answer and was a very close contender.  I also enjoyed Kumiko Y’s entry who wanted to attempt to find Steve Jobs the perfect organic beer.  While Kumiko went with Wolaver’s IPA which I personally enjoy quite a bit I would add the Orlando Brewing Company’s lineup as well to help satiate the difficult perfection of Mr. Jobs.  I would also want to ask him what the hell was the deal with Apple maps?  And I my two personal favorites based on people to drink with must be mentioned.  So I would like to say almost guys to Tim O and Marisa M who chose Dr. Hunter S Thompson and Pliny the Elder respectively.  I would love to spend time with the former because after seeing Conan O’brien spend time with him who wouldn’t want an afternoon of sardonic debauchery?  I love the choice of Pliny the Elder because plucking someone from so far into the past, someone so interested in nature and science (though science wasn’t quite science yet) would likely be in awe of our achievements and horrified by our follies and likely dejected by our lack of moral progress.  It would be most likely THEE most interesting conversation.

Again I want to offer a huge thank you for everyone who entered.  Reading through all the entries from Michael Jackson the beer hunter to Michael Jackson the king of pop we were all touched by the thought, care, and consideration put forth in each entry.  If we only we had prizes for everyone.

Look forward to future competitions with future prizes.  We had so much fun with this who wouldn’t want to do it again.