50 States, 50 Beers

flagThe website Serious Eats recently created an interactive map of their favorite beer for each state.  It is an interesting challenge to try to attempt to select a single craft beer from every state as thee beer of choice for people to drink.  While certain states have beers with an amazing reputation this can make a single selection somewhat obvious that doesn’t mean that these selections are universal.

A great example of this is the state of Vermont.  While there are the plethora of good breweries in Vermont producing a huge amount of great beers The Alchemist’s Heady Topper has an almost godly reputation as being a beer that transcends the can.  Thus it becomes pretty easy to pick an option for that state.

Yet for states without a clear champion means that there is a lot of room for debate which Serious Eats welcomes.  My desire to link this map was because of their choice for Pennsylvania’s beer; Victory’s Prima Pils.

While I personally enjoy Prima Pils quite a bit and think it is a nice example of a pilsner I was sort of shocked that this was their selection.  Even ignoring beers like Pliny the Elder and Zombie Dust which are highly sought by craft beer enthusiasts things like Bell’s Two Hearted or Surly’s Abrasive Ale are quite easy to defend as thee flagship beer for those breweries.  While I am a huge fan of Victory brewing company I would not consider Prima Pils to be their standout flagship.  I would argue that given my experience with fans of their beers that Prima Pils would be low on that list.

If given to a Victory beer I know that Golden Monkey is much more sought after by enthusiasts and HopDevil or Headwaters are probably their most popular of flagships and much better selection than the Prima Pils.

If given the option of the entire state though I would likely go select either Tröegs’ Nugget Nectar or Yards Philadelphia Pale Ale.  This isn’t to slight Victory Brewing Company which is a local favorite of mine and deserves every ounce of their popularity and reputation but that I feel that Nugget Nectar and the Philadelphia Pale Ale are stand out beers from the own breweries.

I suspect that the recently released DirtWolf will become an option over time as that double IPA is amazing but it is too new to have such a reputation.

In the end though these are just opinions of Serious Eats which is a website about food, not beer.  My opinions aren’t any more or less valid than their own.

The real question is what glaring errors do you think were made?